About Us

BugBounty.site is an independent project designed to help hackers and companies find basic vulnerabilities faster. Through bugbounty.site and the tools we have created, finding common vulnerabilities becomes easier.

Currently, we maintain multiple community tools to help hackers and companies. Some of our tools are listed below:

In addition to the tools listed above, this website also has some tools designed to help hackers and companies. Once you successfully verify your profile and login, you will have access to some of the tools.


During the signup, you will notice that we force our users to be a HackerOne user with more than 200 reputation. This does not mean, we endorse HackerOne over other bug bounty programs. Idea of bugbounty.site is to help everyone. We enforce validation through HackerOne because getting user profiles from HackerOne is easier, faster and more efficient than other programs.

Additionally, bugbounty.site and all of the tools associated with it are independent projects. Please do not contact employers' with questions regarding bugbounty.site. If you want to contact us you can directly reach us at our twitter account.