BugBounty.site is a combined tool for both companies and hackers to find vulnerabilities and secure applications. Hackers can use this appllication to automate some of their processes during bugbounty hunting. Along with that companies can use this to be better aware of their assets and automate some discovery methods.

For hackers: We currently enforce strict check on who is using this application. This is to prevent any malicious use of this application. At this point, only hackers with more that 200 reputation in Hacker0x01 platform are allowed to use the application. More details on why this is done can be found at our blog.

For companies: Any company personnel is allowed to use the company aspects of our application as long as the email is verified. We monitor the company emails and user accounts periodically so anyone caught impersonating to be a company employee will automatically get banned from the application. (App is currently under construction)